Friday (October 5 2018) Ma'ruf Amin (Vice President Candidate) arrives at Silangit International Airport, North Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatera. Ma'ruf and his companion arrived using Garuda Indonesia aircraft around 11.00 WIB.

When he got out of the plane, Ma'ruf was greeted by Airport Operation Manager Silangit Ermansyah Saragih Airport and other Batak officials and traditional figures.

Ma'ruf is attending a number of activities, such as meeting the Balige community, Toba Samosir District (Tobasa), and attending the anniversary celebration of North Tapanuli Regency, and also meeting with church leaders in North Sumatra. Ma'ruf will do Friday prayers at Al-Hadonah Mosque in Balige and will also visit Balige Balairung Traditional Market.

during his visit, Ma'ruf was accompanied by KH Ali Akbar Marbun and Chairperson of Nusron Wahid PBNU.