North Tapanuli - (Tuesday, 11/12/2018) During the previous afternoon a technical coordination activity was held to prepare the Stakeholder Mode for the Land Transportation at Silangit International Airport in order to welcome the 2019 Christmas and New Year while launching the Perum Damri mode fighter. The following route and destination:
1. Silangit - Parapat (2 times a day)

2. Silangit - Hutaginjang PP (4 times a day)
Of course this mode of transportation adds to the choice of the blend of Indigenous Samosir modes that have been operating before as of 1 December 2018 for the purpose of Silangit - Panguruan. For the Damri mode of transportation for a month it is not subject to any tariffs or fees at all or free with the conditions showing the Boarding Pass for the newly arrived and showing the booking code for the departing.