01 Apr 2017

Development of Arrival Terminal has been completed although its not 100% yet of its work but every process has been implemented well. Now it has restarted the stage of development of the departure terminal for phase II.

The development of the departure terminal has already begun and so is the expansion of runways. It is expected that this process can run well and smoothly in accordance with the desired target. Hotasi Manalu as Head of Silangit Airport always reminds all Angkasapura 2 employees to keep excellent service to the passengers.

25 Jan 2017

Silangit Airport is an airport that has great potential to grow and for the local and foreign tourists are pleased to present one of the attractions that can be seen is Lake Toba. Lake Toba is the largest lake in the world and open it alone samosir island is also an area that has a variety of cultural stories batak. Therefore Silangit Airport will be the gate of Lake Toba and Samosir.

Angkasapura II is very serious and focus for the development of Silangit Airport. In this case the President Director, Muhammad Awaluddin ordered Hotasi Manalu as Head Of Silangit Airport to alway...

25 Apr 2017

North Tapanuli government in particular are very proud and happy with the development process Silangit Airport in Arrival Terminal first step has been completed, but the process is still development in second step and widening Runway Departure Terminal. Right On Saturday Date 12/08/2017 Commissioners Angkasapura II is M.Harpin Ondeh and Maryati Karma with President Director of Muhammad Awaluddin came to Silangit related service development process.

In this case, Mr. Hotasi Manalu as the General Manager of Silangit Airports are honored and accepted the arrival of the commissione...

12 Sep 2016

Welcome to the North Sumatra

Horas ......

Lake Toba Festival is an annual event which is always done in a few districts and some areas are some of the race. It is an event of Highly Singer wait wait by society in North Sumatra. Implementation The Lake Toba Festival 2016 Theres many Competition like Pool Lake Toba, paramotor Kite Competition, Competition Marsada Solu - sada, Dan Mardua - prayer, then Lake Toba Tourism Ambassador Contest (Ucok / Butet), photography contest, Son Painting Competition child, Vocal Group Competition, Competition Cho...

16 Aug 2016

PT.Angkasa pura II (Persero) is considering full service and convenience to their passengers. In this case PT.Angkasa Pura II (Persero) is very serious in developing appropriate Silangit Airports located in Tapanuli Utara, Kec.Siborong borong. Seriously in developing the service Silangit Airport, Mr. Budi Karya Sumadi as Minister of Transportation and Mrs. Rini Soemarno as the Minister of State-owned enterprises is pleased to come directly see the process progress Silangit Airport.

Mr. Hotasi Manalu as Head of Silangit Airport, directly exposing process-by-process development Silang...

25 Dec 2014

Silangit Airport (DTB), In welcoming celebration of Christmas Day and New Year, give gifts for pilots, flight attendants and passengers coming to the airport Silangit, Thursday (14/12).

The delivery of the parcel cake represented by PT. Kadin Opstekpam, Mr. Hotler Simanjuntak.

"Thank you very much for your excellent service PT.Angkasa Pura II to the lion wings airline airline group in particular, I am honored and proud to see employees PT.Angkasa Pura II were friendly and welcoming at the airport Silangit this", he said the airline airline pilot wings...